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Opting for effective digital communication

Communication is the main lever of a company’s marketing strategy. Like any other discipline, it adapts to technological developments. Today, we have entered and are already fully immersed in the digital age. Classical communication strategies are no longer effective because the behaviour of consumers, customers and prospects has been strongly influenced by the advent of digital. It has become impossible to remain competitive without using digital marketing techniques.

Well-made websites such as Annonces Immobiliers, mobile applications, social networks,… any company that wants to opt for effective digital communication must master the functioning and management of digital tools and the web. This is often difficult without the support of a digital communication agency.


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Create your website

Anyone can create a website these days. But only true professionals can master the techniques necessary to make the website profitable once developed. The website Appart Maison is a good example.


Analyze your website

To check the profitability of your website, a regular SEO audit must be carried out, hence the importance of personalised support by web professionals.


Write quality content

All facets of an SEO strategy revolve around one fundamental element: the quality of the content, without which we cannot even talk about SEO.


Be visible on the net

Your showcase website will be of no use to you if your content strategy does not allow it to be visible on the net.


Reference your website

SEO must be seen as an obligation if you want to have a good positioning on search engines.


Create your mobile app

It is always clever to associate a mobile application with your website. Indeed, most Internet users visit the Internet every day via a mobile device.

Our essential tools in digital marketing


Pinterest and LinkedIn innovate social marketing

LinkedIn and Pinterest have become essential social networks for modern companies. The market has evolved and the establishment of a social media strategy has become an obligation for successful communication.

Influencers are more and more solicited!

Influencers are more and more solicited!

The advantage of working with influencers is that they are effective in targeting highly targeted audiences. A relationship of trust is quickly established between your website or page and users.


User-generated website content (UGC)

User-generated content (UGC) has the great advantage of appearing authentic. Nearly 80% of customers see knowledge recommendations as more trustworthy than professional-quality content.


TikTok wins the hearts of marketers

The users of the TikTok social network are mostly young, with a large proportion of teenagers. This age group is very interesting for many marketers. That’s why TikTok is one of the favourite networks for marketers.


A website is made to be maintained

For a website to be profitable for your business
and brand image, the content must be updated


Our backgrounds come alive

To encourage visitors to click, nothing better than
CSS animations. Animated backgrounds have
better results than inert images.


Our micro-interactions take over

It is important to optimise the micro-interactions
of the website as they play an
important role.

AI, chatbots and interactive content: here are our trends!

AI, chatbots and interactive content

Chatbots can be divided into two main categories: simple (or criptted) Chatbots and complex Chatbots. Simple Chatbots are designed to meet very specific needs, following well-prepared conversation patterns. They are not equipped with artificial intelligence. Complex chatbots have artificial intelligence that gives them the ability to process operations in context. They can understand and assimilate human language and their reactions depend on their interlocutors.

Bots in general, have been created to reproduce human interactions as closely as possible. A Chatbot’s main mission is to meet the information needs of visitors.

Creating beautiful websites on the web!

A good graphic design is one of the best guarantees of increasing the visiting time of Internet users.